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Embed flipbook on webpage, blog, or wordpress

You can use the following sample code to embed a flipbook on webpage, blog, or wordpress:

1) <iframe src=’’ width=’500′ height=’380′ frameborder=’0′ scrolling=’no’></iframe>

2) <embed width=”600″ height=”380″ src=”” play=”true” loop=”true” quality=”high”>

This is the result of method 1:

How to add advertising banners for your publication

This is a complete overview of what you can do in the advertising part of ePageCreator. You will learn how to add advertising banners on left, top and right hand side of your publication.

Getting Started with ePageCreator

ePageCreator is a professional publishing software that alllows you to create flipbook publications with 3D realistic page-flipping effect. This tutorial will show you how to get started with ePageCreator.