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A Real Review of ePageCreator – from our clinet

Our Real Review of ePageCreator


After buying and using the ePageCreator software, I wanted to write my real, unbiased review of this program. I am doing this, especially because I could not find any reviews while I was considering purchasing the program (which I obviously did).

Why did we need it?

The software actually allows you to make “flipping books” or online, interactive PDFs. We were looking for a software program that would allow us to add audio to our bilingual books. We ran through many different concepts/scenarios:

  • Create a book specifically for iPad which would be sold through the iBookStore. This would be created with Adobe Indesign CS6 or iBooks Author.
  • Create a native app for iPhone/Ipad and for Android, which would hold all of our “talking story books”
  • Use a flipping book software, which would create a book that can be read on any device in a web browser

We went with the last option, which led us to search through the sea of different companies that offer this software.

Why did we buy it?

There are A LOT of companies out there that seem to offer the same type of product. To make matters more difficult, there are actually just a few companies (based in China and Singapore), whom re-brand their software packages under different names. This becomes very confusing from a consumer’s standpoint, and hard to trust these companies.

After looking at many different “shady options” (flippagemaker, kvisoft, etc.) and “high end” US based companies (uber flip, and similar companies) — we ended up choosing ePageCreator.

Here is what led us to choose ePC:

  • Cost: Although it is not cheap, we chose the annual version, which costs $499. But, there are not monthly fees or limits on anything.
  • Apps/Mobile Support: HUGE for our decision. The company has an apple app and an android app, which allows your readers to read your flip books offline, on their mobile device. This is very nifty, and is like us having our own native app (sans the thousands of dollars in costs and time)
  • Support: We did the free trial version to test everything out. While running into some snags, I contacted tech support and got immediate help (via live chat and later with emails). I worked with Raymond, who is very kind, and made things happen.

But what really put us over the edge….is that while testing one of our books in the trial mode, we ran into a problem. The software had a bug, which did not allow our audio to play correctly. Yes, I realize this is their issue, and it should not have been there. BUT, Raymond sent this information to the programming team, and had the bug fixed, and the program updated within one week!

I had not even purchase the program yet, and tech support had the development team make an improvement upon my suggestion. Wow, that really sealed the deal and impressed me.


How does it work?

epc_bennyThe program is actually VERY easy to navigate.

  1. Import a PDF.
  2. Add media, create a table of contents if you would like, play with the settings. (you can add audio tracks, videos, and do a lot of nice things with a click of a button)
  3. Export the file. You can now upload this to the web for anyone’s access or keep it offline on a CD, USB drive, or whatever you would like.

Can I see an example?

Of course. You can see how we made our own talking story books with the program. Simply click here. Once on the page, click on the “Preview a Book” graphic to see one.

I really hope this review helps you. Especially if you are in the middle of a big decision (which flip book company to go with). I wish that there reviews out for ePageCreator whenever we were searching, but now, this information is here for you.