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Voice Translator – Alive released.

1. Speak & translate. Simply speak and Voice Translator – Alive will do all the work for you! It can translate your voice to voice in another language, it also translates your voice to text in another language.

2. 5 translate engines. The world’s first voice translator with 5 translate engines integrated. You can simply tap to choose the best translation from the five translations and switch the default translate engine. Absolutely Voice Translator – Alive will always give you the most accurate translations than other apps.

3. Upside down mode. Since the cellphone’s microphone and speaker are on the bottom. You will get much better result after turning the phone upside down.

4. 117 languages for text translations.

5. Tools Integration. We integrate Photos, Calculator, Browser and Maps into Voice Translator – Alive. It allows you to talk to someone who speaks different languages while using these tools.

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