Magazine App Creator - Mag2GO released

Create magazine app and publish your magazine on Apple newsstand/Google Play. I would like to present you our new product - Mag2GO, which delivers your content into Apple Newsstand/AppStore and Google Play. It can create native app and publish your content into the app. Why Newsstand App?
  • 1. Huge Market - Over 800 million iOS devices and a billion Android devices on the Market!
  • 2. Super Low Competition - Only 5,000 magazine apps in Apple Newsstand!
  • 3. Recurring Income - Readers are Paying You Monthly!
  • 4. No Need for Marketing or Support System!
  • 5. Super Low Chargeback!
  • 6. Instant Results!
We don't claim any commission on your publication's sales. Publish your content to the Apple Newsstand/AppStore with Mag2GO costs $99/month. If you would like to learn more, please check