The Best Voice Translator App for Oversea Travelers in 2019

Voice Translator app

As an international traveler, there are so many reasons to use translation apps. I have been using voice translator app for over 2 years. There are so many translator apps in App Store. You can choose any apps but I have some tips for you to stay satisfied while downloading voice translator app from App Store.

1. Make sure it's Free
Voice Translator app has to be free, you cannot waste your time if you have to pay before downloading it. I would like to choose a free app. Because there are so many free translation apps I can choose.

2. Accurateness of translation
One of the biggest concern we had while using a voice translator app is accurateness. I have tried tons of translation apps that are inaccurate at all. Specially complex sentence constructions are not always accurate. I recommend you to try more and select the best one.

3. Support most of common languages
It’s better to choose a translation app that supports most of common languages. My opinion, you should have an app that supports at least 100 languages.

Voice Translator - Alive

4. Ensure you will receive a good customer support
A good app developer should be available to help you when you have any problems. But some voice translator apps even don't have a website. Can you believe that they can provide a good customer support for you? I personally cannot believe that.

5. Easy to use
Some apps have very bad user experience so make sure the app provides you good and easy to use interface.

I hope that the given tips will help you choose a good voice translator app. I myself choose Voice Translator - Alive ( This app provides much more accurate translations than any of the present competition. I like their 5 translate engines integrated. This is the only translation app I found that includes Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Baidu and Youdao. Most of translation apps have only one engine. For some languages, the translation isn't accurate enough. So I can switch to another engine and get a better translation.

Voice Translator - Alive

Another unique feature of this app is upside down mode. After turning the iPhone upside down, the speaker and microphone will be on top and it would be much easier to speak and hear. if you have not had a good translator app, I strongly suggest this app Voice Translator - Alive.

Here you can directly download it from App Store: ‎

Voice Translator app

For more details please visit it's official website:

I hope this helps. Enjoy!

Voice Translator - Alive