Make a digital ebook in minutes!

Flip Book Maker Software
  1. A professional ebook maker that creates ebooks for viewing on PC, Mac and mobile devices

ePageCreator is a ebook making software that helps convert your PDF and image files into beautiful books that you can host on your own website.

ePageCreator produces ebooks in both Flash for viewing on PCs and Macs and HTML5 for viewing on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. No programming knowledge required to produces these ebooks. ePageCreator also has the option to produce ePub and mobi for your eReaders.

ePageCreator is 100% white label, this means you can use your own branding and logo. Getting Started.

Create ebooks in minutes

  1. How it works

1. Download
Download ePageCreator from our download page

2. Install
After downloading, please run the setup to install ePageCreator into your PC or Mac.

3. Add PDF
Run ePageCreator and click New to start your ebook.

4. Publish
Click Publish button to publish your flipbook.

  1. You can embed your flipbook on your website and blog with ease

With the help from some simple code you can easily embed your flipbook on websites and blogs.

The following is a sample code we are using to embed the flipbook you see on the right hand side.

<iframe src='' width='600' height='300' frameborder='0' scrolling='no'></iframe>.