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Flip Book Maker Software
  1. Make digital flipbook for PC, Mac and mobile devices

ePageCreator is a software that allows you to make a flipbook using PDFs and image files. The flipbooks that are produced are viewable on PC, Mac, iPad/iPhone/iPod, Android device and Windows tablet/smartphone.

ePageCreator also has offline options that allows you to view the created flipbooks without a internet connection.

It can make exe/app/ePub and Mobi for offline reading Getting Started.

Make a flipbook in minutes

  1. Features in ePageCreator

Links and Buttons
You can put in links and buttons that have different action attached to them from opening web links, playing a video, displaying a message or jumping within the flipbook.

Embeding Video
ePageCreator has the option to embed Local or YouTube videos in your publication.

You can customize the background image, toolbar buttons to make it match the overall theme of the flipbook you are trying to create.

Custom Toolbars
You have the option to toggle certain button on the toolbars on or off so you can disable buttons that you do not want readers to click on.

  1. How to start

You can click on Download at the top of the page and it will bring you to the free trial page.

Once you have it installed you can use it for 30 days with all the features unlocked so you can test the whole software out

You can also click on the free trial button below to go to the download page.