Make online magazine in a few simple steps

Flip Book Maker Software
  1. Make a magazine for PC, Mac and mobile devices

Start making online magazine by selecting a PDF file that you want to use. Then you can cusomtize the flipbook by adding in link, buttons, audios, videos

Once you are done editing it you can publish the flip in serveral different formats. By ePageCreator outputs in Flash, you can enable html5 for mobile devices, ePub and Mobi for eReaders, and exe/app for offline reading.

You can import use your own logo and branding into ePageCreator so you can have it displayed in the corner of the interface. Getting Started.

Make a magazine with ease

  1. Hosting on your own website

ePageCreator has a built in FTP uploader that allows you to upload to your site using FTP

When it is done uploading it will provide you with a link to the flipbook that you have uploaded

If you do not want to use the built in uploader that is okay as well. You can manually upload the flipbooks online and create the links yourself as well

  1. Tutorials

We have tutorials going over all the different features in ePageCreator

We also have video versions of the tutorials on YouTube that you can watch if you do not want to read through the text versions.

You can click below to view the tutorials.