How to add links

1. After importing pages from PDF, you can turn to the page you want to insert video, then click "Add Video" button to embed a video to the current page.

Insert Hyperlink

2. After clicking "Add Video" button, you will be prompted to specify video file name and how you want to play the video.

Add Hyperlink

3. Click select video button button, you will see the following dialog, please select a video you want to embed.

Set Link Properties

Note: We recommend you to uncheck "Don't convert and use the original format" item and let FlipCreator convert your video to MP4, which are supported by Flash and Apple iOS.

4. After selecting video file, please click "OK" button, you will see the video like below has been added into the current page.

Move and resize

5. You can drag & drop it to the proper position you want, and resize it by mouse.

Still have problem?