How to create mobile app for your magazine?

This guide will show you how to create an iOS and Andoird app for your publications. You need the following software:

1. ePageCreator, you can click here to download it.
2. iCreateApp, download it here.

Getting Started, Add PDF and publish

Step 1. Create your publication

Run ePageCreator to create and publish your publication into your local computer. You will get the following interface after publishing (For more detail about how to create a publication with ePageCreator, please click here). If you have already published your publication, please run iCreateApp and directly goto the step2.

Click on "Create App" button, iCreateApp will be started and you will see the following interface.

Step 2. Fill in your basic information

You will be brought to a screen that requires you to enter the basic information about your app. This is where most of the customization takes place. In this window you can name your App, set the version number, put in a copyright. You can also change the App icon as well as the logo the user sees once the app starts up.

Publish your publication

Step 3. App Information

After you click "Next" you will be brought to a screen that says "Create App for iOS" Fill in your App ID you can follow the tutorial we have on How to Create App ID in iOS Provisioning Portal?

How you should be at the screen called "Create App for Android" You can also fill this page out if you are planning to also create a Android app. Otherwise uncheck and hit next.

When you are done hit Finish.

Publish your publication


Step 4. Specify a Output Folder and Publish

Choose a output folder for your App and hit Publish.


Still have problem?