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Magazine App Creator
  1. Create iOS and Android apps without coding

We just released an app building software iCreateApp, which can be installed on your computer and create as many apps as you want for your publications.

With iCreateApp, you can create both of iOS apps and Android apps in minutes without programming. Then you can submit these apps to AppStore and Google Play.

You are able to put multiple publications in one app, or create an app for each publication. Getting Started.

Create Magazine App in minutes

  1. How it works

1. Publish your content with ePageCreator
Follow the tutorial below to publish your publication with ePageCreator: Publish your content.

2. Create app with iCreateApp
After publishing your content with ePageCreator, you are able to directly create app from the published files. How to

3. Test the app on your devices
You are allowed to test the app on your own devices before submitting it to AppStore and Google Play.

4. Submit your app to Apple AppStore, Google Play & Amazon Appstore

Magazine App Creator
  1. In-App Subscriptions

You can setup quarter, half year or one year subscriptions for your magazines and allow only subscribers to access your magazines.

You only need to setup your in-app purchases in iTunes connect and you are good to go. The following guide will show you how to do that. How to enable subscription?

Create Magazine App in minutes
  1. Support Paid and Free Issues

Your magazine can have either a Paid or Free Recurring Subscription. For a Paid issue, your audiences have to buy it before they can download it into their devices.

Your audiences can purchase individual issues or subscribe for a quarter, half year or one year.

App Creator
  1. Examples

iPubMag is an example app created with iCreateApp. You can download and install it from Apple AppStore and Google Play.

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Create your own apps with coding!

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iPad/iPhone/iPod & Android

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iPad/iPhone/iPod & Android

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