Create Magazine App in minutes!

Magazine App Creator
  1. Turn your existing PDF to iOS and Android app

Mag2GO is an app building software, which can be installed on your Mac and PC to create newsstand magazine app and publish your magazines into newsstand and appstore.

Mag2GO can create both of iOS apps and Android app in minutes without programming. Then you can submit the app to Apple Newsstand, AppStore, and Google Play Store.

Deliver your magazines into native app couldn't be easier. 100% white label. Getting Started.

Create Newsstand Magazine App in minutes

  1. How it works

1. Create app
Using Mag2GO to create the app.

2. Publish issues into the app
After creating the app, You can add new issues whenever you want (daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly).

3. Test the app on your devices
You are allowed to test the app on your own devices before submitting it to AppStore and Google Play.

4. Submit your app to Apple Newsstand/AppStore, Google Play

  1. Example Magazine App

ATV ESCAPE Magazine is a magazine app created with Mag2GO. You can download and install it from Apple AppStore and Google Play.

Just tap the icons below on your iPad/iPhone/Android device to install it.

Magazine App  Magazine App for Android

Create Magazine App in minutes
  1. Better magazine app for better reading experience

Read online directly without waiting for content to download first.

Allow your readers to preview some pages before subscribing. This feature will convert more readers into paying cusomters. You are able to set the first 1 to 10 pages for preview.

Magazine App Creator
  1. Why Magazine Newsstand Apps?

1. Huge Market - Over 800 million iOS devices and a billion Android devices on the Market!

2. Super Low Competition - Only 5,000 magazine apps in Apple Newsstand!

3. Recurring Income - Readers are Paying You Monthly!

4. No Need For Marketing or Support System!

5. Super Low Chargeback!

6. Instant Results!