How to download more themes and import into ePageCreator?

This is quick guide that shows you how to download more themes and import into ePageCreator.

Step 1. Download Theme

Open with a web browser and click on 'Support' -> 'Download Themes' menu item.

Then select a theme you like. Then click Download button to download it and save to your machine. Every theme you downloaded is a .zip file.


Step 2. Start ePageCreator

Launch ePageCreator and click 'Settings' button to oepn the settings dialog.

Publish your publication

In this dialog, please click on Theme tab and you will get the following interface.

Step 3. Import Theme

Click on 'More themes' button.

You will see the following interface after clicking 'More Themes' button. Please click 'Select' button to select the downloaded .zip file from your machine.

After selecting .zip file, please just click on 'Import' button to import it.

Still have problem?