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Flip Book Maker Software
  1. Use ePageCreator magazine creator to make digital publications for PC, Mac and mobile device

ePageCreator is a magazine creator software that converts your PDF magazine pages and turns it into a digital magazine that can be viewed on desktop and laptop.

No programming knowledge is required to use ePageCreator to create flipbooks. ePageCreator outputs the flipbooks in serveral formats flash for PC and Macs, HTML5 for mobiles devices like smartphones and tablets, exe/app for offline reading. There is also ePub and mobi for eReaders.

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Create a Magazine with ePageCreator

  1. Why choose ePageCreator

1. Responsiveness
The flipbooks loads up really quickly and there is a very smooth transition when you flip from page to page.

2. User friendly
You do not need to have any technical knowledge at all to use ePageCreator, it is a very simple point and click interface

3. Customizable
There are many different features that you can add to the flipbook from Links, Videos, Pictures, Background Images, Custom toolbars.

4. Quick
It can take a quick as 5 mins to produce a flipbook with ePageCreator.

  1. Why make digital magazines

Everyone now a day has some form of smartphone or tablet portable with them at all time. Paper publications are being used less and less, turning your magazine into ebook and putting it online where it is easily accessable makes it very convenient for consumers to find and read your magazine.

You can find more samples of flipbooks like the one on the right under our Customers page at the top