Change your PDF into a flash based flipbook

Flip Book Maker Software
  1. Transfer PDF to flash in a few minutes

Make a flipbook using ePageCreator a flash based software that takes in your PDF file and produces a flash flipbook that you can upload onto your own website.

ePageCreator also offer no flash based options for the flipbooks. HTML5 for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, works on both iOS and Android.

ePub and Mobi for your eReaders Getting Started.

PDF to flash flipbook

  1. Advertising

Advertising Banner
Add advertising banners along the top and download the right hand side. You can display the banners in tile format next to each other or cycle through them in a slideshow format. You can attach a link to each banner so it will lead the reader to your website.

Introduction page
When the flipbook first loads up you will notice that the left hand side is empty. You can utilize that space for a larger ad

  1. Command Line

ePageCreator has a command line feature that lets you import and output a flipbook using only the command line

The following is a sample command line input.

epagecreator c:\pdffiles\mybook.pdf -o d:\output -t "My Book Title"