Turn your PDFs into ebooks in no time at all

Flip Book Maker Software
  1. Turn your PDFs into ebooks for different devices

ePageCreator is a software that you can download and install on your computer that aids in the creation of ebooks using your PDF or image files.

The ebooks that are created are viewable on multiple devices from PC and Macs to Mobile devices and eReaders.

Flash is used for PC and Mac, HTML5 is used for mobile devices and ePub and Mobi are avaiable for eReaders.Getting Started.

Convert your PDFs to ebooks

  1. Organization

Archive Library
ePageCreator has a built in archive library option that allows you to add previous issues that you have done and is related to the current issue.

Have a book that you want to divide into sections? Bookmarks can help you split the book into as many sections as you want. You can even color each tab differently.

Table of Content
Do not want tabs sticking out of the book? No problem you can use the table of content to organize the different sections and subsections

  1. Password Protection

Turn on ePageCreator password protection option to enable a password for your flipbook.

Once it is turned on you can set your own password for that flipbook.

Everytime someone is trying to access the flipbook they will be prompted for the password which they will need to enter in.